The Silicon File

ThermoPhos is the only solid fertiliser in New Zealand scientifically proven to supply soluble silicon.
Silicon is gaining momentum around the world as an important plant nutrient. The benefits are endless:
Above the ground, Silicon has the ability to strengthen the plant cells. This can lead to reduced water loss through the plant leaves, reduced insect damage forcing the insects to look else where. Reduced fungal infections by powdery mildew and other fungal diseases.
Below the ground, Silicon has been shown to increase a plants ability to absorb phosphorus. It is excellent in lifting soil pH and it also has the ability to reduce the affects of heavy metal toxicity in soils on plants. A good example of this, is that the cadmium in soil reduces root length and root density in a number of plants.
A recent (2013) trial confirmed that cadmium has a negative effect on root and plant development in both perennial ryegrass and clover. With the ever increasing cadmium levels in New Zealand soils, silicon has been proven to alleviate these problems.

Silicon has also had a benefit on the following crops:








Green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) reduction


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