ThermoPhos Reduces Phosphate Run-off

With restrictions on phosphate usage looming it's never been a better time to switch to ThermoPhos.

What causes phosphate run-off?

The amount of phosphate run-off is directly related to the amount of water-soluble phosphate fertiliser used.
When water soluble phosphate (superphosphate) is used, water is needed to dissolve the phosphate into the soil. When heavy rain occurs, water runs off the paddocks/fields taking the dissolved phosphorus with it into the waterways, polluting them.
ThermoPhos is NOT water soluble, it needs the acidity of the soil to dissolve. If any ThermoPhos gets washed into a waterway it will just sink to the bottom, and because water's not acidic the ThermoPhos won't dissolve.
Superphosphate is the main cause of phosphate run-off and water pollution.

Why is ThermoPhos better?

ThermoPhos Lifts Soil pH

Different plant nutrients become available at different soil pHs. Phosphorus in the soil is most available at a pH of between 6.5 and 7.5. Because ThermoPhos is a phosphate fertiliser and has a pH of 10, it has the ability to supply phosphate and increase soil pH at the same time, getting your soil closer to the optimum pH for phosphate release. Releasing stored phosphorus from the soil is a great way of reducing phosphate runoff.

An additional benefit of ThermoPhos increasing your soil pH, is creating an environment that worms love. The more worms you have, the better your soil will become. Worms create tunnels in the soil, improving its absorbency. Improved soil absorbency will result in less run-off, therefore less environmental pollution.

ThermoPhos Contains Soluble Silicon

Applying soluble silicon to soil has been shown to maintain crop yields with lower phosphate requirements. Applying less phosphate, saves you money, while maintaining crop yields and is a great way of reducing the risk of phosphate runoff and reducing phosphate reserves in the soil.
ThermoPhos is the only internationally recognised silicon fertiliser in New Zealand.

ThermoPhos in New Zealand

The ability of ThermoPhos to lift soil pH and supply silicon is the reason it's the only non-water-soluble phosphate fertiliser to out perform superphosphate, and with ThermoPhos' low cadmium content, it's a win win for the environment. All this without affecting yields.
ThermoPhos truly is the phosphate for the next generation.

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