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A Review on Controlled Release Advanced Glassy Fertilizer

Glass fertilisers are the way of the future. Internationally crop yields aren't keeping pace with fertiliser use due to poor fertiliser use efficiency. Glass fertilisers are the next step in increasing fertiliser efficiency. They are designed to release fertiliser at a rate similar to plant update. Reducing environmental problems associated with incorrect fertiliser use.

Research done on ThermoPhos in New Zealand

New Zealand Journal Of Agricultural Research Volume 1 1958


- Equivalent growth to Superphosphate
- Higher percentage of Ryegrass in the ThermoPhos treatment

New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research Volume 14 February 1971


- ThermoPhos grew 43% more pasture than superphosphate in the non-limed treatment
- ThermoPhos increases soil pH
- Acknowledgement that the silicon content may be responsible for ThermoPhos' superiority
- A far better magnesium source than serpentine superphosphate

New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research Volume 25 1982


- ThermoPhos grew more drymatter than superphosphate
- 16kgs of phosphorus from ThermoPhos was equivalent to 25kgs of phosphorus from superphosphate
- ThermoPhos is able to maintain higher soil available phosphorus than superphosphate

New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research Volume 25 1982

A summary of research done on the benefits of adding a source of soluble Silicon to the soil

Silicon in Agriculture

From Therory to Practice

Silicon in Agriculture

Studies in Plant Science, 8

Silicon and Plant Diseases

Phosphorus-Silicon interactions in soils and plants.

Information on how Silicon increases the amount of plant available phosphorus in the soil. Page 34 - Effect of Silicate on Phosphorus Availability, confirms the silicon in ThermoPhos is the likely reason ThermoPhos often outperforms Superphosphate.

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